Thursday March 10th, 2016

Leo’s Nursery

I’m so excited to share with you my latest nursery! Leo’s mum got in touch with me after seeing my own little baby Leo’s nursery. Anna had tried to make a start on the nursery but kept getting stuck….so she called in the big guns!

Leo’s Mum & Dad have travelled extensively and it formed the basis of design brief ‘Travel & Adventure’.

It’s important to me when I design a room that there are pieces that truly represent the family. We included hot air balloons for their flight over the Serengeti, a Hippo toy for the pod they saw on their honeymoon, a print for the shelving that was their wedding song and as I was privy to Little Baby B’s name before he was born, we included a few little lion touches as well. There is not an element in the nursery that doesn’t relate back to their family with a story to tell about why we selected it.

With that in mind, scroll through the beautiful pictures!

Nest Design Studio - Leo B9

Nest Design Studio - Leo B10

Nest Design Studio - Leo B15

Nest Design Studio - Leo B16

Nest Design Studio - Leo B11

Nest Design Studio - Leo B18

Nest Design Studio - Leo B20

Nest Design Studio - Leo B21

Nest Design Studio - Leo B22

Nest Design Studio - Leo B23

Nest Design Studio - Leo B24

Nest Design Studio - Leo B29

Nest Design Studio - Leo B30

Nest Design Studio - Leo B32

Nest Design Studio - Leo B3

Nest Design Studio - Leo B19

Leo’s family were just beautiful to work with and I loved creating this special space with them. It wasn’t without drama though…..and at once stage both Anna & I might have been in tears! We had imported a different chair from USA. It didn’t arrive quite in time for install as it was sitting in the docks in Sydney…..and then when it finally did arrive, it was completely smashed! Lucky for us, the rocker that we ended up using looks magnificent in the space.

And what did Leo’s Mum have to say? “It’s so rare to work with someone so creative and talented yet so organized and efficient. You truly exceeded all my expectations creating our nursery and not only did you make the process exciting but you made it seem completely effortless, which only a true pro can do. Can’t wait to spend many happy hours in this room with our little boy”.

Photography by Red Rabbit Photography



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