I guess it’s time to shake off holiday mode and get back into the grind of the every day life….but while I do that, let me share with you some pics of our Christmas. 

This year was our family Christmas in regional NSW at my Grandma’s house.  We were lucky to have all but 2 cousins there this year and we also had 3 great-grandchildren share in the holiday as well!

The boys in front of the 10,000 gifts and their Santa bags, eager to get this show on the road!

blogAn overview of the day….opening presents, cuddles with Grandma, getting to know new cousins, taking snaps with new cameras, sharing presents with baby cousins and relaxing!christmas blog

Isn’t this what Christmas in Australia is really about?  Relaxing with a drink, lots of nibbles and telling crap jokes!  Boy it was hot (40 degrees where we were).

christmas blog1

In what has become a family tradition (we have a game trophy and man of the match trophy – yep it’s that serious) we hold our Boxing Day challenge cricket match.  My dad, Ron and my uncle Bert are always team captain, the teams are drawn out of the hat and rules seem to change every year!  My Grandma, who is 74 (below top middle) is a tough competitor and narrowly missed out on man of the match this year….that title went to Matt!  Not only did he have Charlie in his arms while fielding but he went on to catch some one out….TWICE (once while holding Charlie and the other while holding Hugh)!

I have been lucky unfortunate to have missed out on the last 3 years (given I have been pregnant for 2 of them and had a baby to take care of the other year) so I am now the official photographer 4 years running….what a shame I don’t play (yes hear the sarcasm….I hate cricket!).

christmas blog cricket

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and new year!  What did you get up to?


  1. Looks a lot like our Christmas! We had Christmas in America last year and a white Christmas just didn't feel right to be honest. Much happier to be home in the heat this year with the pool, the drinks and the seafood 🙂

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