Well one of my recent competition winners design is all done and I thought I would share it with you!

Lucky little Jarvis already has the Ubabub cot and his mum wanted a geometric black and white room (which if you follow me on instagram is right up my alley at the moment as I’ve nearly finished my boys room in this style!).

design board

You might also notice a couple of little cat features in the room.  It’s the little details in room designs that turn the design into something extra special and personal.  In this case, Jarvis and his family have a pet cat they love and I was able to subtly include the cat print and cushion in the room without turning the design into a cat overload!

I can’t wait until I can show you photos of this nurser completed!


  1. love this board. I'm looking for a chair just like that one. Can I ask who the supplier is for that chair?

  2. It's such a gorgeous design! I am busy buying the products and the painting will happen next month. Jarvis is 12 weeks and still in his bassinet and it's SO wonderful to have this design to work towards and all so affordable.

    Can't wait to show you the finished space but it will be a couple of months.

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