Woohoo! The gorgeous Little One Baby magazine hits stands tomorrow! However, I’ve been able to snag a sneak peak…..you see I have this pretty handsome little boy in there doing some modelling!

I’m not going to put any pics up until tomorrow when it comes out, but you must go get yourself a copy. I think it is the most beautiful baby mag around (yes I am bias, but you will agree when you have a look!) & I also see a print I recognise in one of the nurseries (My Sweet Prints)!

There are also some stories about dealing with the loss of a child. At the moment, my eyes are tearing up just thinking about reading it……you see I had a miscarriage with my first baby.

Now sorry for the next bit…..but it’s always a release to talk about loosing my baby. We are never going to be one of the lucky couples who naively go through pregnancy ‘assuming’ we will have a baby at the end of it, there will always be some fear of miscarrying again. At the time alot of my husbands friends either had babies or were nearing the end of their pregnancies and it was very difficult to be around them. What really amazes me that the stats of miscarriage show that 1 in 4 women will have a miscarriage….just take a look at the women around you, chances are at least 1 will have suffered one. When you are pregnant, you assume that it will never happen to you, but when it does I found the most wonderful support through an Aunt of mine that has had one and going on-line and discussing it with others that were going through the exact same thing as you at the exact same time. You discover you aren’t the only one going through this terrible time.

For us, we were incredibly lucky to fall pregnant the very next cycle and whilst I have this beautiful little boy crawling around me at the moment, I will never forget the baby we lost. Hugh has the little teddy bear my mum brought for Apple (babies nickname) and I was able to honor her in Hugh’s room by painting a little apple on the tree.

I know it makes some people uncomfortable when I mention Apple, but I like to talk about her (we assume it was a her, we didn’t get to the part of finding out what sex). So in my opinion, it’s so wonderful to see magazines openly featuring stories of loss.

And to the mumma’s who have gone further down the pregnancy track than I did and then to lose a baby, you are such strong women. I can’t tell you how much admiration I have for your courage!

And finally, off my soap box…..congratulations to Amy on producing a beautiful, beautiful magazine!


  1. Oh, I'm crying Belinda. I'm so sorry to hear about loosing little Apple. I can't even imagine. I had very heavy bleeding during my pregnancy with Will and it shook me to pieces so I can only begin to imagine the pain of miscarriage or any loss of a precious little life. It makes us give thanks for every day we have with our little bubs doesn't it.
    I can't wait to see your little supermodel and I can't believe one of my prints is in the mag! Is it Hugh's print? I'm very excited. I'll be heading to the newsagency tomorrow!
    Thanks again for sharing your story Belinda.

  2. Thanks Janette, my m/c was quite early….I can't begin to think how hard it would be to have it happened any later!
    Your print the bedtime scroll(I'm pretty sure it's yours – looks like it!) is in a Nursery of Archie. I can scan you a copy if you like?

  3. I agree Belinda, LittleONE baby is a beautiful magazine.

    As one of the mums featured in that loss story, I am so sorry for your loss too. Apple is such a sweet name.

    Your site is looking so gorgeous and wanted to commend you

    Elizabeth xx

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious little Apple. I can't imagine the emotions you must have gone through. I was amazed to find out it is 1 in 4 who experience such loss. Scary. I was on tenderhooks the whole start of my pregnancy with Grace – after finally falling pregnant with the help of IVF, like Janette I had heavy bleeding too – was so frightening. I can only imagine what your experience must have been like for you.

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