I know I owe you a heap of blog posts…..including the breakdown of the boys room!  But I’ve been head downs, bum up in the last month making sure I complete all my clients designs….everything else has had to wait!

In the mean time, our Elf on the Shelf ‘Elfred’ has returned to our house.  After last years adventures (here and here), I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with him.  Love that the boys love him, love that I get to go over the top with ideas…..but then I hate when it gets to 9.30pm and I realise I have to come up with an idea!  And because I have been so busy, it’s been every 2nd day that he does something a bit cray-cray. 

But next week, it’s all go as I will be finishing up clients work this week.  Lots of ideas…..will I have enough time?

We treat Elfred a little different to the majority of families that have an Elf.  I allow the boys to touch him, cuddle him….as long as they are gentle and treat him well (They must ask Elfred ‘is it ok if I move you?’) and my husband and I do the same.  The magic doesn’t disappear and they (particularly Hugh, who has conversations with Elfred) love him. 

So our first 10 days have passed and this is what has gone down!

December 1:  We were in Melbourne for the weekend whilst the boys stayed with my Mum & Dad.  The magic still happened though and because we had written a letter to Elfred telling him that Hugh & Charles would be at Granny & Poppies, Elfred rocked up to my Mum & Dads.  He arrived in his special box and with a letter (like last year) but he also wrapped their kitchen table and created a special breakfast.  Photos to come.

December 2:  Elfred created another special breakfast for all of us at home this time.  Complete with Coco pops.

Day 2 - breakfast

December 3:  Elfred obviously remembers that he was locked out last year, so he has installed his own little Elf door. Hugh couldn’t believe it and couldn’t work out why there wasn’t another door on the other side.

Day 3 - Bring a door

December 4:  Elfred was obviously looking for something in particular to create such a mess! 

Day 4 - Making a mess

December 5:  Can you guess who has a John Deere obsessed little one?  Well Elfred decided to line all the JD’s up in a line and go for a ride.  Whilst he was there, he decided to issue the boys with ‘naughty’ infringements for not listening to their Mummy!

Day 5 - John Deere

December 6:  This was the one I wanted to do the most!  Elfred decided that the lounge room needed some decorating and ‘rudolphed’ the room.  An hour on the scissors and all was done (and yes, I want to keep them up!).

Day 6 - Rudpolhs lounge

December 7:  Elfred was tired…..I guess that’s what happens when the boys go to sleep at 10pm!!!!

Nest Design Studio - Day 7 Elf

December 8:  Super Elfred!  A 5 minute felt cape and we had ourselves a super hero.  Hugh couldn’t work out how he was flying and thought it was very funny!

Nest Design Studio - Day 8 Elf

December 9:  Elfred needed some quiet time and decided to read some Christmas books.Nest Design Studio - Day 9 Elf

December 10:  I have been keeping an eye out for ‘elfred’ size things throughout the year when they have been cheap (like the bin above and a few other things yet to come!) and I thought a Ken Doll outfit would be a pretty good size…..turns out I was right!  A fab spotty tux fits Elfred perfectly.  We did have to ring in a barbie doll since we don’t have any (thanks Kim!) and Hugh has just told me that he thinks Barbie & Elfred are getting married.  He also wonders when they will kiss!

Nest Design Studio - Day 10 Elf

So that’s it for now!  Let’s see what the next 14 days bring!