I know, it’s been a while…..have you missed me?!

I thought I would share with you some adventures that have been happening in our house in the lead up to Christmas.  We have joined the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ party and our Elf, Elfred, has been a hit!  Initially Hugh hated him…..he told me to put him away and ‘”I don’t want to look at him” on the first day, but since then he’s become a regular (and popular) figure!

It’s been 16 days now (he arrived on the last day of November) and to be honest….I’m starting to struggle with ideas, which is why I’m posting mine so far…hopefully some inspiration to anyone else lacking time/ideas!

Delivery DayDay 1  BreakfastDay 2 Car RallyDay 2 extra at the farmDay 3 Reading to toysDay 4 Builds a towerDay 5 tiredDay 6 hanging aroundDay 7 vandelises the bathroomDay 8 door wrappedDay 9 sets up a cubbyDay 10 animal paradeDay 11 rudolphedday 12 bakesDay 13 lights up treeDay 14 hangingDay 15 train

There you have it.  The first 2 weeks….now I’m off to Pintrest to see what I can find for inspiration!

I’ll be back next week to show you some recent designs…it’s been really busy towards the end of the year with lots and lots of clients (which is why I no blog)!