My brother and his lovely wife are expecting their first baby in October (yay, I am going to be an Aunt!!!) and last night the little devil of a brother put on his facebook that he had seen some gender neutral designs at the baby shop and was just going to copy those for bubs nursery! Can you guess what I told him?!

So just for them (and anyone else who is reading and is looking for gender neutral inspiration) I quickly rustled up the below images and think I might be doing regular spots on gender neutral to give him (I know Mrs C, aka lovely wife, regularly checks out my blog) some ideas!!

The check of him!

I love the serene look of this nursery. Obviously blue has been added in, but could easily be subsisted for pinks and look just as gorgeous.

image via decor pad via my sweet prints

Loving the wall colour on this one. Again, a great colour to add any other colour for accessories.

image via live the fancy life via chic and cheap nursery

Lovely and simple

image from lala lovely

Hmmm I must have a thing for this colour (walls) at the moment, it just goes with anything. This nursery has been featured alot over different blogs and I do love the pops of extra colour.

I can’t remember where from though!

Love me some zebra rug!

So there you have it Mr C, a starting point for you….
On another note, we finally have our Internet sorted! Can you believe the mobile tower in our area is in need of an update and they aren’t doing it until July/August! No wonder we had trouble, so we were able to get out of the contract and onto another that actually works.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter and ANZAC long weekend.


  1. Great rooms! What is the name and paint brand of the gray paint you have on the walls. I am looking for the perfect gray for my nursery. 🙂

    Many thanks!

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