This week has been all about being Mum.  My eldest, Hugh, went into hospital to have his tonsils and adenoids removed.  So I’ve been smothering him with kisses, cuddles and icy poles!

It was the first time we’ve had to take either of the boys into hospital for any sort of procedure so it was a little scary when they put him under in the operating theatre, but it has made me appreciate how lucky I am that I have 2 very healthy little boys!

The op was done at the hospital I had the boys and we were then taken to the maternity ward for the overnight stay so it was lovely to see familiar faces of the nurses as well as running into my OB (and one of the lovely girls from my mums group was up there as well just having added twins to her family!).  Hugh loved being able to press the button which made the nurses bring him icy poles!

Hughs hospital trip

We noticed straight away that his snoring stopped and he seems to have a new sense of smell!

Hugh is normally quite a sooky and sensitive boy (I’m talking the kind of kid that cries when another kid cries!) but we have been very proud of how brave he has been this week…..we were very surprised! 

Only a few more days and I’m sure he will be back to normal.