Oh no, it’s party time for Charlie and this mum has/is going totally over board yet again!  You may remember Hugh’s 1st birthday, so of course I need to up the ante’! 

Given that it is the peak of summer in Australia next month, I decided to go for a ‘Day at the beach’ theme….never mind the fact that we live about 2.5 hours from a beach.  Then my mum, knowing how much I used to love a good Elvis movie (I know, shocking but so catchy – what am I, 50 or something?!), suggested I inject a little Elvis beachy theme in as well.  Done!  So we are having a retro beach party (think Elvis beach movie, without the Elvis).  Going totally cliché, tongue in cheek and a lot of fun!

So my starting point was of course, the invitation.  What I really wanted was an illustration of Charlie (not a cartoon one, more like the Gerber baby) surfing…I knew I couldn’t do it so contacted a few designers but unfortunately over the Christmas and new year break, it wasn’t going to happen in time, so I needed to get my Photoshop on. 

This is the end result……I know, it’s not perfect but we think it’s pretty funny and that is the vibe we are going for!

for blog

I have saved heaps and heaps of images and ideas (about 40 pages) to know go through and work out and start ordering thing but I can’t wait.  I’m a little in love with parties (I searched for 2 hours to find the perfect font for the invite –obsessed much?).

Now, off to sort through some of those images!


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