So, it’s finally time!  Welcome to Leo’s room!

This blog post has been a long time coming.  You know the old saying about the plumber with the leaking tap?  It’s the same for the children of a childrens’ design specialist.

Leo’s room has seen quite a few changes.  It used to be Charles’ nursery, then Leo’s nursery and then Leo had a year or so with a ‘that will do’ room until I actually had time to finalise all the detail in his design!  (and as a side note, since I had his room photographed, it’s changed again!  Charles and Leo now share a room with bunks which I will share shortly).

Initially, his room was going to be completely different.  I had started working on a custom wallpaper in an abstract constellation style but I realised that I ask clients every day to be brave and go bold so I had to take my own advice!  I’d fallen in love with this wallpaper some time ago and given Leo is the king of our little jungle, it’s entirely appropriate as well.

There is no theme in the room, I’ve simply incorporated pieces that feature things he likes; Lions and stars.

The very first thing I purchased for his room was the Mubu bed.  It’s so incredibly stunning and the timber is perfection.  Above his bed, I’ve hung a canopy, which he calls his ‘Magic Cave’.  Complete with a beautiful Baby Jives mobile, twinkle lights and a custom star garland from Lecky Studio, it softens the impact of the wallpaper.  I wanted to use a canopy as they are used so commonly in girls rooms, but you don’t often see them used in boys rooms.

The bed is finished with beautiful linen from Little Willow Vintage, Sack Me, Boo & BearBurrow & Be, Society of Wanderers and Adairs.

To create a little reading nook, I used my favourite floor cushion from Little Connoisseur topped with Miann and Co, Pony Rider and Kmart cushions.  What I struggled with was finding the perfect shelf for the area though.  I didn’t want to wall mount anything and didn’t need anything too big, so I approached Willow and Wood to see if they would be able to make a custom book caddy (which they did!) and you can see just how perfect it is.

With the layout of the room being how it is (no 2 full walls joined), the layout was tricky.  I wanted his room to bed to run vertically off the feature wall which left me with a tight space on the other full wall to create some storage.  The best option for this was the Oeuf Mini Library.  It matched perfectly with the bed and was the right depth for the room (to allow for space to walk between the shelf and the bed).  Leo’s shelf is finished with pieces from his nursery as well as just a few new little pieces.

Above the shelf, I paired the Lion head (of course!) with a beautiful print from Little Rae.  To add texture, the leather bunting was the perfect addition to finish off the space.

His room is a beautiful space and I hope you love it as much as we do.            
Photography by Kate Monotti Photography.