In the last month, Hugh has been harder and harder to put to bed.  He is wanting a lamp left on or the door left open, so searching for a night light has become a priority (at the moment he gets a mini torch)! 

Here is my list of contenders…..

night lights

1.  My Light – Bubba Bling

2.  Giimmo ‘Whoopie’ the duck light – The Hip Infant

3.  Birds of light – The Little Kidz Closet

4.  Fawn – Down the Little Lane

5.  Oxo Tooli Set – Urban Baby

6.  Star Mood Lamp – Urban Baby

7.  Baby Rabbit – Down to the Woods

8.  Mini Zzzoolight Elefante – The Little Kidz Closet


At the moment, it’s between the Tooli set and the Star lamp.  Tell me, do you have a fav or know of any other ones I should know about?


  1. I have number two for both of my kids (one blue one yellow)… lots of fun, but not inductive to sleep or staying in rooms, though!!! Good luck – getting Fern to stay in the bed is the current bane of my existence….

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