Have you noticed a new Little One Baby mag on the stand in the last few days? Well, if you haven’t go and get yourself a copy! This is a special edition featuring some wonderfully talented designers & business owners, showcasing their products.

Oh and looky looky here…….an article by yours truly!As you know, I LOVE the magazine and the gorgeous Amy, Amy (no that’s not a typo – 2 Amy’s) and the staff at Little One do such an amazing job, so I was thrilled when I was asked to write an article as a forward to the ‘To Decorate’ section! Talk about pressure…..being in there among some savvy business women (Jen at Style Milk, Kellie at Mini Must Have & Kristen from Kids In Australia also wrote articles)!

And also to have another baby model moment. Unfortunately Hugh did not feel the love and his shoot didn’t go to plan (we had a little chat in the car on the way there and I asked him to put on his best smiley face). Note the baby modelling Snugglebum PJ’s on page 32 screaming!

Now, that’s a photo that WONT be going up on the wall!

On a side note, I think my morning sickness is finally leaving me so I’m planning on getting back to regular posts next week!


  1. Wow, congrats that's huge news Bel! I'm going to go grab a copy tomorrow when I'm at the newsagency. I can't wait to read your article – well done gorgeous girl and I'm glad that the morning sickness is starting to ease up.

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