The lovely Tania from Life’s Little Celebrations tagged me recently (who am I kidding….it was about 2 weeks ago) but I’ve really been struggling to think about what I would wish for! 

I was spoilt for my birthday in October and received this beautiful watch, so really not expecting anything for Christmas….plus hubby doesn’t read my blog (I know – imagine my horror!).

christmas list

1.  The Louis Ghost Chair has been on my ‘can I pretty please have’ list for a few years now….and I still don’t have one.  2012 perhaps?

2.  An IPod.  Are we the only family in the world that doesn’t have an i or apple anything?  Another item that has been on my list since about 1983!

3.  Love, love, love this silver Moroccan pouff from Table Tonic.

4.  I am very much infatuated with the fabric designed by Caitlin Wilson.  This colour way will go perfectly in our office.

5.  Il Tutto mini bag in yellow.  Need I say anything about it other than…..GORGEOUS!

6.  On the model, this dress from Sacha Drake looks a bit ho-hum…..on Nikki from Styling You, it looks fab.  So much so, that I want it.

So that’s it.  I’m sure as I get older, my taste gets more expensive.

Tell me….what is on your list?