Ok, so here I go! First blog….you’ll have to excuse me whilst I learn how to use it.

I’m very excited as today I received my official business name registration for my new business, Nest Design Studio. My interior design business specialises in email & phone consultations for baby & children’s rooms! It’s so simple….all you need to do is contact me and I’ll send you a form to fill in about things you would like to see in the room and I’ll provide you with a concept board and list for on-line shopping, you don’t need to even move from your chair!
I’ve been an Interior Designer & Decorator for 10 years now (and had my own consulting business in regional Victoria for the last 4 years) but after having my son Hugh, I enjoyed the process of setting up his nursery and have so many ideas that I need to share, I decided to change my business direction!
So as I learn more about blogging, I’ll bring to you some great inspirations and ideas! Stay tuned.
PS Pictures of Hugh’s room. Also check out Little One Baby Mag and online at www.ministylista.com/baby-nursery-hugh.html


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