Something new for you lovelies!  On occasion (not all the time, but when time permits), I will present a pre-made design board (get it..ready to hatch (thanks Mel!)) that will be available for you to purchase. You will receive the design board and online shopping list as well as some general notes on where to locate the items on the design board within the room. 

Ready to hatch cover

These designs will be one of a kind (like all my work) and will only be sold once, so you are getting an original design at a fraction of the custom design boards.  They are however, as they come, but I am only an email away if you purchase it and have any questions.  The first person that contacts me will be the lucky owner of the design board.

I will make a note when I am listing the items as to the items costs (for example the artwork might start at $25 but linen might cost $250, so will be listed as $25-$250) so you have a guide for your budget.    As always, I’m not one to specify really expensive items so there might be 1 splurge item on the board but the rest will be very reasonable in their costs.

So keep an eye out, as listings will range from gender neutral nurseries to big boy/girl rooms. I will make sure you know by popping a post up on the blog (and I am in the process of adding a new tab to up the top of the page) as well as on my facebook album pages.

My first ‘ready to hatch’ design board was designed for a girls nursery and is a beautiful, sunshine happy room.  Prices for items on this design range from $25-$250 (not including postage). 

Sunshine happy nursery


As an introductory offer, this design board (and associated details) is available for purchase for $80 and once it has been purchased will be taken out of the ‘ready to hatch’ range.

What do you think?!