I know everyone has differing opinions of what actually is essential in a nursery but my number 1 item is a very comfy chair.
When I was searching for a chair to use in Hugh’s nursery, I actually got to the point of contemplating importing a gorgeous glider from the US (you lucky girls over there! In the land of Oz, we have very very basic & ugly nursery chairs! I can see all the Aussie girls nodding their heads in agreement). We have these hideous things…….
that whilst they are comfy, are NOT easy on the eye.
What I wanted when I was searching, was a comfy armchair rocker or glider in a nice fabric, something to settle into during all those long hours of feeding. I searched and searched and searched to no avail. In the end I ended up settling for an Ikea Poang chair, which I HATE! Looks wise, it’s not bad (not great either), but as a tall person they are a short persons chair! I have to pull myself up out of it using Hugh’s cot as leverage. The cover also comes off when you slip back into the chair. I would tear my hair out and sook about it because it did drive me that mad (I was sooooo grateful for the night when H started sleeping through so i didn’t have to use the blessed thing!). I also went to some of the local baby shops and they were horrified when I said the chairs (the previously mentioned picture) they had were ugly and they didn’t believe me! It was an old man that served me, so who knows where his taste was.
When Little One Baby mag came out, I got so many emails and texts from readers wanting to know where I got my chair…..and I had to tell them the truth. I couldn’t stand my Poang being in the beautiful photos, so I actually borrowed a beautiful white leather recliner from a local furniture store! Unfortunately, I had to give it back.
I’ve already (actually I started thinking about this the 1st night I got home from hospital with H whilst I was using my horrid chair) thought about my next nursery chair….and unless someone starts to sell reasonably priced chairs for nurseries in Australia, I’m going to go for…….wait for it…….one of the ugly chairs (urgh gross). I know, they are foul but at some point, and this is very difficult for me to say but, I need to think about function over looks. However, it’s not going to be as ugly as normal. It would have a full makeover……spray it white and recover the cushions in some pretty fabric.
PRETTY PLEASE, anyone that sell’s nursery furniture in Australia and is reading this, add some nice chairs to your stock, before I have to do another nursery and use an ugly chair! I want these beautiful chairs…..

images from ohdeedoh, the frog and the princess, the modern kid


  1. There's nothing like those gorgeous chairs over here too is there?! I initially bought a small tub style chair which I decided was going to be useless to nurse in so I swapped our Poang from the study into the nursery instead. I didn't really use it to breastfeed Grace though as I used to just pick her up out of the bassinet and feed her in our bed (I definitely don't think the Poang would be the best option for breastfeeding). However these days, it's come in very handy as a settling chair – with Grace teething, (seems to be teething constantly at present!!) my chair has been great to sit in and cuddle with her.

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