On my very first post, I showed you some photos of Hugh’s room. Well, they were just photos I took, so I thought I would share with you photos from Little One Baby Magazine!


All images by Little One Baby Magazine (photographer: Lisa Nankervis)


  1. Thanks so much for your stripy advice on my blog today, it was V helpful! I am dreadful at preparation, and it would appear good prep is going to be the key to success on this one… so I will heed your advice!

    Hugh's nursery is gorgeous BTW, your tree is very similar to Fern's and I thought about that owl mobile for her nursery as well! What a lovely room!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Hugh's gorgeous nursery – you have done such an amazing job decorating his room. Congratulations on it being in Little One Baby Magazine. I love the tree you painted and your artwork is great. Such a lovely, serene looking room x

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