I love this image (although can’t remember where it is from – if you know, tell me!), would be gorgeous in a nursery. So peaceful!


  1. Hi Belinda
    Just wanted to say 'Hi' and let you know that I joined your 'followers' after looking at your gorgeous photos. Although I'm not trained in Interior Design (would LOVE to do a course in the future!)it is my hobby and absolute PASSION! I saw your nursery on the Rate My Space website (which I'm addicted to) so thought I'd click and take a peek… glad I did. Very inspirational.

    Hubby and I are in the process of building a new house and I am in decorator heaven with paint sample pots, tiles, fabrics, etc, LOL!

    Thanks again for your inspiring blog.



  2. Thanks, I'm thrilled I'm providing you some inspiriation!
    How fun is building! We moved into our new house 3 weeks before H was born and I'm in love with all my selections!
    I do colour appointments for a large builder and it's so exciting to do consults for clients when they are building their brand new home!

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