Ok, so I’m starting to worry a little……in 2 weeks we are going on a little road trip. Not little exactly, the first leg is 3 hours, the next leg is 5 and then the next is probably another 4-5 hours. All done over a few days (and then home again, home again jiggity jig) but goodness I’m starting to research lots of activities to keep Hugh occupied!

We are heading to the Hunter Valley for one of my brothers 30th (Mr & Mrs C…..have the wine and beer ready waiting for us!) Oh and my little bro has just started his very own blog (ohhh who wants to be just like his big sister?!) so head over and say hi. Warning: he rants ALOT.

But what I really want to know is….have you any tips for travelling by car for little ones? We are going to buy a dvd player and lots of Thomas and Timmy Time DVD’s!

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  1. Funny you should mention road trip…we are leaving at 4:30am Saturday morning on a 10 hour road trip with the 3 kiddies. We do this about twice a year and we used to break it up over 2 days. Now we just do the 10 hours straight and guaranteed all three of them will loose it at some point. portable dvd's are the best invention ever then there are cd's for sing a long and a few new little toys never hurts, those magna doodles are great. We have discovered leaving really early helps as they will go back to sleep after the first couple of hours. Good luck 🙂
    Suzie xx

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