So you know it’s huge in fashion at the moment and starting to flow through to homewares…..but how would you use neon in a nursery?  Use it sparingly and in pieces that aren’t expensive (I don’t think it will be a trend for multiple years).

Personally I’m not a huge fan (I still remember fluoro happy pants from the ‘80’s!) but if you are, I’ve found a few suggestions for you to use in your little one’s room.

trend - neon

1.  Replica Jnr Eames chair 2. Neon Dinosaur 3.  Arches fluoro green pillow 4.  Chevron pillow 5.  Ampersand print 6.  Let’s Dance print 7.  Neon lamp 8.  Love night light 9.  Replica Eero Aarnio puppy seat 10.  Rabbit pillow


  1. I agree small amounts of neon are fun and something you can change in a year. i did my own neon dinosaurs for my kids playroom. the pop of colour looks great! love your blog 🙂

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