Recently, I had someone comment that I must of spent a lot of money putting together Hugh’s room. It had me in two thoughts…..
1. Wow, thanks!
2. Ummm no (I think part of me was offended)!

The fact is I didn’t spend a lot, we’d just moved into our brand new first home and didn’t have spare cash to throw around!
One of my BFF’s favorite word is ‘bargain’ and that has definitely rubbed off on me. Sure I like to spend, but I don’t like to spend unnecessarily.
For the furniture, I researched and researched until I found the cot I wanted at 1/2 price (and I have actually purchased exactly the same cot again for Hansel, but at an even lower price!), found the best price for his change table, the square bookshelf is a cheapie from a furniture warehouse (I think it was $40) and I inherited the dresser from my Nanny.
When it came to the ‘finishing’ of the room, I’ve never been one to follow the cookie cutter Winnie the Pooh or Peter Rabbit trend. I like for pieces to mean something to me and I usually find that it’s so much cheaper to do so.
Artwork in particular is my biggest bug bear. My problem is that I’m arty enough to know I can make/paint something, but not arty enough to know what it is I want to do! In fact the walls of our house are pretty much bare because I really want the art that goes on my wall to mean something and buying a random print isn’t quite what I’m after.
With Hugh’s room, I got some cheap frames from Target (when they were 25% off) and made number owl pictures for his wall using decorative paper I already had (same with the owls on his tree). Bargain!
I customised a cheap lamp from Fantastic Furniture by adding some simple ribbon. Bargain!
I painted the tree on his wall. It cost $30 for a tin of blue paint and then I used left over white paint (the painters left behind when we moved in) and some time to research what I wanted the tree to look like. Bargain!
I’ve got a very crafty Grandma and she made Hugh’s quilt (it’s embroidered on the other side with beautiful flowers) and has since made other things for his room.
In fact, the only things I really purchased for his room were his ‘H’ (which was actually white and 1/2 price because it was knocked about, so I painted it with left over blue paint), the Hugh on his door (I love it so much, I was going to have it regardless), his owl mobile (Looking back, I’m sure I could have given it a go of making it), red suitcases, a stuffed toy owl and one of pillows I use on the nursery chair.
Everything else has been a beautiful gift from friends and family.
I can hear you saying, that’s very good Belinda, but what’s your point? My point is that you don’t need to spend much money to have a unique and individual room. Use things you already have around the house, give making a piece of art a go, paint a unique feature wall. Just because you are going to go for a transport theme (or whatever way you decide on going) doesn’t mean you need to purchase the matching quilt, sheets, wall stickers etc etc! Put together the room based on things you love.

My greatest product resource website is Etsy. So many talented people have great items listed for sale and you will find some amazing and cheap things!
So before you go to the baby store and purchase the matching everything, put it back down and walk away and do some research first. Do you really love it or are you just buying it because it’s there and you’re excited to be buying baby items?
images by Little One Baby & Me