I’m so excited to give you a little sneak peek of a room I recently designed!

Firstly, let me show you the design board.  My design was completed back in September and whilst my clients knew they were having a girl, we had to keep the design under wrap.   They were unsure if they wanted to go for a girly room or something a bit more gender neutral so I gave them a few options to play with but all were keeping with a glam feel.  Inspiration came from an image of a beautiful desert table my clients had found on the net.

Nest Design Studio

My clients have done a wonderful job of putting the room together and I was excited to see lots of photos last night.  I’m just going to show you 2 though!  I’ve lined up a photographer to take some shots for my portfolio, so you’ll have to wait a little before I show you the complete room!

Nest Design Studio V's Room1

Nest Design Studio V's Room

It’s gorgeous, isn’t it!