I know, I know…..my blog posts have been a little sparse….sometimes life just get’s in the way (I’m back doing a few day’s work in a ‘real’ job, H’s been sick, planning his 1st birthday, blah blah blah!)!
Anyway, next week I am going to dedicate a FULL day to writing & putting together some gorgeous nursery blogs……so I want to know, what type of nursery do you love to look at? Any themes, any you really dislike? Let me know!


  1. I like to see nurseries with sentimental value and tend to like those that are preppy and/or modern. And I love handmade accents… Can't wait to see what you find, as I'm wrapping up my son's nursery!

  2. I have finally gone back on all your lovely blog entries I haven't gotten around to reading lately. Am all caught up now 🙂 I love all the nurseries you share with us – you find such great rooms. How exciting that Hugh's first birthday party is coming up. Can't wait to see what you put together. I had Grace's the other day (did a post about it last week) – was so much fun and she enjoyed it too. Such a special birthday x

  3. I love all your posts Bel, but I esp like nurseries that have used something 'different' like interesting colour, different furniture, cool products etc. And I love seeing what you're working on as you've got the best taste!

  4. I love your posts so far. In terms of Blog ideas, you could also do some inspiration boards. We are still trying for our first baby, but I know I want either a red, bone and white theme or a navy and white theme (and then add pink or green depending on whether boy or girl) in my nursery. I'd love to get some inspiration from you for these themes.

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