With the launch of my website recently and given it’s been 3 years since I started my blog, I thought it was time to do a giveaway!nest compeition blog1

If you are the lucky winner, you will win my ‘My Perfect Nest’ design pack which will help you need to put together an amazing room designed just for your little one. 

It includes a design board, a page of other lovely finds that work in the room, floor plans, inspirational images and a detailed shopping list and style tips (usually about 14 pages of amazing information just for you!).

nest compeition blog2

How to enter:  Be a liker of Nest on facebook or a follower of my blog and comment below telling me who I would be designing a room for (be it a nursery or big kids room!) and what style and ideas you would love to see in their room.

Nest Competition blog

The winner will be announced here on Thursday 25th April.

Good luck & I can’t wait to start reading your entries!

Terms:  The winner will be picked by myself and a team of helpers (a tip:  I don’t like rhyming entries!).  Please ensure you are contactable by email or social media.


  1. I would love a design for my daughters "big Girl" room. I don't like pink so was thinking about deep grey and bright yellow. She loves animals and reading so would like to incorporate those into the design as well.

  2. My house is tiiiiny, so I'd love it if you could come up with something for a shared room for my son (almost two) and daughter (six months). Space saving ideas would be lovely! Also having my room back would be lovely! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  3. My gorgeous Vivienne is about to go into a big girl bed, this is a perfect opportunity to redesign her room. This intrepid toddler’s favourite word is PURPLE. If you ask her anything, her answer is PURPLE!
    Staying with the purple theme I would like to redesign her room with a soft lavender, grey & white theme.
    Regal, whimsical & romantic (with a hint of modern) are perfect words to describe the style we are trying to achieve. Bold geometric patterned wall paper combined with a soft pretty colour pallet, a regal chandelier, Metallic accents matched with opulent yet whimsical and inspiring accessories and toys would make this little girls dreams come true!

  4. My gorgeous Vivienne is about to go into a big girl bed, this is a perfect opportunity to redesign her room. This intrepid toddler’s favourite word is PURPLE. If you ask her anything, her answer is PURPLE!
    Staying with the purple theme I would like to redesign her room with a soft lavender, grey & white theme.
    Regal, whimsical & romantic (with a hint of modern) are perfect words to describe the style we are trying to achieve. Bold geometric patterned wall paper combined with a soft pretty colour pallet, a regal chandelier, Metallic accents matched with opulent yet whimsical and inspiring accessories and toys would make this little girls dreams come true!

  5. My third child's nursery is still a big mess – not a nursery at all while he's in our bedroom. I'm adjusting to catering for the demands of three children of different ages and fear I'll just never get to the nursery. Please help!

    I'm getting the Ubabub Pod Cot, so there's a fabulous start to the design – we love monochrome with a dash of vibrant colour!

    *following both blog and FB*

  6. I would love some help designing a room for my baby boy due in 3 weeks. Having a 3 year old and working I haven't had the time to plan a new nursery and so far it's still the same as when my daughter was in there. I really like blues and greens, perhaps with an animals/farm theme. My husband loves his cars so would be nice to include that somehow as he's very excited about having a son. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon :)Kate Skinner

  7. Yes please a dose of your cleverness required for my oldest daughter, nearly 11. On her wish list is the colour teal, a comfy chair, lovely mirror and wallpaper. 🙂

  8. My Boys have been sharing a room for nearly 2 years and finally now have their own room ! I would love to do up my 2 year olds room as its very drab! Thinking vintage/industrial with the colours yellow,grey,baby blue orange maybe ? Something funky and fun !! 🙂

  9. I am just about to redecorate for my little girl who is moving into her big girl bed and would love to win some expert advice and help in doing so. I was looking at decorating with a Vintage/Modern theme to keep in with some of the furniture pieces we already have, with a pastel colour base, but with also pops of bright colours to keep it fun and cheerful!!

  10. I would love to see what you would come up with for my boys shared room… As my youngest is nearly ready for a big bed… I was thinking cowboys and indians theme or nautical really cant decide… Would love to know what would work for a 1 and a half year old sharing with his big bro who is 4. Love your blog and fb page!

  11. I would love a design board for my youngest daughters room who is 8 months. I've spent a lot of time doing up my 2.5yr olds room and not much for my little daughter

    She already has some floral decor in her room so perhaps something along this path….in blues/pinks?


  12. Mr Newborn would be super duper lucky to have his nursery designed by you! We would love to see your ideas and vision for a mint green room accented with pops of navy blue and grey. A modern look with a hint of retro that can grow with him will hopefully be a winning combination for us both 🙂

  13. Hi Belinda. Thank you for the competition! I would love a great design for my-baby-to-come-room. As I don't know the sex, it would be with neutral colours: grey, white, yellow. And, just to mention it: we are looking for a new house, so the room should be easy to transfer… 🙂
    I follow you on fb and on blog

  14. When I saw this competion I just about fell off my seat with excitement. My daughter is nearly four and her room is still a blank canvas. I just don't have a creative bone in my body and im very indesicive. My daughter Charlotte loves pink, rainbows and unicorns. I have everything crossed that I win 🙂

  15. My little guy and girl just went to big beds and I can't decide on a look, I love classic styling but can't decide what look they need now they are growing up, they both have a white canvas…..walls and bed so the world is my oyster only I just don't know where to start!

  16. My little guy and girl just went to big beds and I can't decide on a look, I love classic styling but can't decide what look they need now they are growing up, they both have a white canvas…..walls and bed so the world is my oyster only I just don't know where to start!

  17. Wow, what an amazing blog and what beautiful rooms you create. I would love to win a room design for my almost 8 year old. Her room is currently bright orange and baby pink YUCK! She would like a woodland themed room with a tree or two on the wall and some deer and bunnies. I was thinking a pastel apple green as the background but I really would love to see what you could suggest for her space. Fingers crossed 🙂

  18. I would love to win this for my second daughter! I would love something neutral, natural, using recycled materials to look quite earthy and raw but at the same time, safe, elegant and fun!

    Thank you Belinda!

  19. I would love some assistance in designing my baby boys room (due in late June). We have a love of the beach & ocean, my husband is a mad fisherman & is obsessed with boating. I have a love of the hamptons & Ralph Lauren's simple styling, & really struggle to find the inspiration & unique products to decorate his little nursery in baby stores. We like the idea of a fun non traditional nautical theme, in a colour palette of Navy, White & Turquoise with a hint a happy yellow. I love all your storyboard styling themes & would love to see something new & different.

  20. Hi Belinda, I would love to win this for my daughter. I am sick of pink being an all girls colour, and I love colourful stuff but not over the top, so I think your designs would go really well with this theme. Look forward to winning and working with you!

  21. I would be absolutely over the moon for you to help me with redecorating my 2yr olds room. It's 2 years in the making haha. I have found it easier to do my little boys room (10mnth old) as I did a trucks & car theme. I feel bad because doing my girls room is hard as there's so much out there. I love your elegantness when creating rooms & REALLY love the pink & green pastel colors at the moment.
    Please please please pickkkkk meeeeee 🙂

  22. Mainly inspired by anything French provincial, shabby chic, floral, luxurious fabrics, and chandeliers you can imagine how I'm struggling to decorate my little boy's room who is now 8months old. A beautiful David Fussenegger baby blanket he received as a gift of lime green, red, blue and white is the only inspiration I have so far. I'd love to see how you can create a unique room for my boy also incorporating my decorating 'loves'.

  23. Hi, love your work and this competition is fantastic. We're expecting a little boy in August. We're big on travelling and would love this incorporated into his nursery with verses from the Dr. Seusse book "oh the places you'll go". I love patterns i.e. chevron and would love accents in orange and blue.

  24. What a great give-a-way!! I would love your help in decorating my little girl's room…she's a girly-girl, into art and reading, and is a comedian on the side. : ) (Is it wrong to cross my fingers for myself?!? I would so love to win!)

  25. Hi Belinda, i would love to win this for my son Oskar. He is 17months and will be going into a big bed very soon – I love the old iron ones. For his room I love vintage items mixed with a modern twist. Just finding so many commercialised and cliche things for Boys. I would love this as I would like Oskar to ave something unique and individual for his room.
    Fingers crossed it is us.

  26. Congratulations on the website! It looks great. I love reading your blog, your designs have provided so much inspiration. Very exciting about the competition! If I won, it would be a design for a playroom for my son and daughter (3 and almost 1). It overlooks the beach so hopefully something neutral and textural but still whimsical and fun. Maybe the dress up house painted on the wall and lots of storage.

  27. Hello, I would love to have your professional help with my baby boy room. I have so many ideas in my mind that can never put them into a proper design. 🙁 I would like to create a room that my son would enjoy spending his time in his lovely room and we will be able to create many memories with him in that room.. A room that we grow together..

    Thank you and please pick me ? (*.*)/

  28. I have a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl sharing a room. I have really struggled to know how to style their room because i find so many rooms are gender specific.

    I would love for their room to have bright and bold colours. Something is fun and colourful.



  29. My 18 month old daughter Evie is ready to transition from her nursery and cot into a big girl bedroom and bed. Her nursery is very generic, so I would love your expert advice in designing a beautiful new space that reflects her blossoming personality. Evie adores all things feminine, loves animals especially birds, enjoys being outside in the garden with the dirt between her toes, and likes to snuggle up with Mummy and Daddy to read her favourite books. Please help me create a beautiful big girl bedroom that my daughter would be excited to play and sleep in.

  30. My third child, Mila, has just turned two and we will soon be transitioning her into a big bed. She's independant, cheeky, funny, animated and has a lot of spunk and I'd like her room to reflect her personality. For her 2nd birthday I purchased a repeat of Marimekko's Karkuteiilla fabric in blue to display on her wall and would like to use this as some inspiration. We also got her a second hand wing chair for her first birthday, which is in need of reupholstering. I'd love your help in suggesting what we could do for her new big girl room.
    I'm a follower of both your blog and fb page
    Thank you 🙂

  31. I need help designing a room for my 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. They will soon share a room for the first time as their brother or sister will be arriving in June and the new baby will have a room of their own. I would like to win for my two eldest as I think they will deserve something special as the new baby will get lots of attention.
    The room they're moving into is painted in dulex whisper white and we've already purchased a white bunk bed. They both love combi vans and my son's favourite colour is red – my daughter's is purple. It's my daughter who is giving up her room to make way for the baby and move in with her brother so my hope is for the new room to have the feeling that it's really hers too.
    Would love to see what you come up with! I'm a follower of both your blog and fb page.

  32. My little one year old Charlie, his room is very white, it needs some creativity – I see so many ideas on websites everywhere that I get so confused on how to do it myself as there are too many good ideas and I end up too muddled that I never get anywhere! soft blues, elephants and happy words is what I would love to be around Charlie while he sleeps at night & plays through the day!

  33. We're currently (very slowly) renovating our home and it's time to start planning for our little one to move to her own room!
    The help designing would be wonderful, someone else to share my ideas with and put them in to a solid plan would be wonderful.
    (I've liked you on facebook)

  34. My 9 year old baby girl still has much the same room as she did as a baby. I see so many things I know she'd love but don't know how to put it together to be cohesive. I love your design and styling, thanks so much for this chance.

  35. Tough choice between my 6 year old son and my 2 year old daughter. It is like choosing which child you love more. My big boy needs a room fit for a big grade 1 boy who is maturing, discovering his loves and interests. He needs the perfect sleep/study/play room beach/surf with a hint of something else not sure what, that is where you come in. Miss 2 year old needs a big girl room soon. Her nursery has always been boring a second hand cot from her brother and a cabinet to hold essential. Miss needs a fun vibrant space with lemon, grey and a small hint of colour.

  36. I'd love you to design a nursery for my little miss. She currently has a whole heap of hand me down furniture and linen etc from her older brother and friend's kids. I'd love her to have a magical space all of her own 🙂 I love vintage style and love cherry red. I'd love to see something playful yet elegant, just like her!!

  37. Wow. I love your work Belinda! (and your name too).
    We have recently found out we are expecting a baby in November! Woohoo! It will be our 2nd child and its a lovely surprise. Our first child took 6 years to conceive so for us to fall pregnant as soon as we started trying we are in shock and thought we might have a little more time to renovate. Unfortunately it means our new little bub will be moving into our "windowless" study! So I need your help to make this into a beautiful welcoming cosy nursery.

  38. Hey Belinda! Massive fan love your work! If I ever have another baby your on my list of contacts!!! I would love to win this prize to give to my very special friend. We have both been through something together and come out the other side great thanks to each others support – this would be a great way to show my thanks. She is currently renovating her home and has two gorgeous little girls aged 2.5 and 7 months. Keep up the awesome work!!

  39. I would love some helping styling my son's room. I am loving the retro/scandinavian style. He has a white room so I would love to see a pop of colour, whismical/quirky prints and collages and cushions 🙂 I have also been on the hunt for a statement piece of furniture and light fixture! I would like to create a room for Deniro that he will enjoy well into his teen years! Fingers crossed!! 🙂

  40. My 6 yr old has been promised a nursery since we moved into our house ( 3 months before his was born) with a little brother now 4yrs sharing his room my days for having a nursery are over
    Its time for a big boy room Id love to have a ocean/water styled room for the boys to match our by the beach lifestyle. ive been busy pinning on pintrest and need help to pull it all together & add the stunning styling touches

  41. I'd love a room for my almost Mr 1, who has been sharing our room with us since he was born. He deserves his own room as he never had a nursery. He loves crocodiles but we would avoid a jungle theme if we could as that would be too typical. Something modern, fun and a little kitschy would be lovely!

  42. My 4.5 year old son's room is embarrassingly boring I am ashamed to say. He is into dinosaurs and dragons, aeroplanes and rockets. Typical boy stuff which I think is good fun to decorate with these ideas.

  43. I would love some help designing the nursery for bub no 2 as am so undecided on colours/theme & what pieces to put in it!!! There are too many choices out there and im not the best at choosing what goes well together 🙂

  44. Belinda I would love to have a room designed for my little girl Elodie who is 15months, we are about to move for the second time in 7 months and as our new place is smaller she will be back sharing with mum and dad, although she will probably love it!

    Early next year we would like to buy again and be able to give her her own big girl room, she is drawn to vibrant yet soft colours like rosy pinks, mint and lilac, and also my gold and sliver jewellery! She's also very cheeky and has a million dollar grin so something that expresses her cheeky side would be fantastic, as well as her French heritage.

  45. Belinda, I would love a nursery design for my newish (12 week) son Talon who will soon outgrow the bassinet. He will be moving into his nursery which is currently VERY white-white cot, white change table and white set of drawers! Although I love the white, he has told me he would like some colour and in keeping with his nature style name, would like a stag head on the wall amongst a few other woodland style decorative touches. This boy knows what he wants, and hopefully you can save my time by helping us in this design! Thanks,

  46. I would love some help with my almost 6 year old son's room. He is a handsome larikan who likes dinosaurs, scooting around and playing his harmonica (well trying to!). I would like a room that can grown with master Jack and be rent friendly (which is a BIG challenge, we can hang pictures and add wall decals though). As for colours – the traditional red/white/navy would be great or grey/yellow/white/black has been the combinations that I have been thinking of. Either way I just want him to have a delightful room that can go with us when we build our next house. Thanks for the chance!

  47. I would love your help with my 3 year old's room. I struggle with this room as the only window looks into our sunroom so can be very gloomy. She would love to play in her room (away from her 1 year old brother) and I'd really love to give her a little space of her own and would love to see what you would come up with!

  48. Hi Belinda,
    I would love 'big girl' room design for my daughter for when she goes into a bed. I would love something a bit whimsical with modern touches. It is a small room, but a reading or play corner would be fantastic!
    Thanks for running this competition.

  49. Adam has just turned 2. His room is very, very bare with just his cot and a set of vehicle and building themed wall stickers. That is it. it is a lovely room with high cathedral ceilings and a huge window. I'd love for him to have a room that will grow with him. Making some use of the high ceiling for decorative elements.

  50. Hi Belinda,
    What an awesome opportunity to have you design a special little place in our home – I have been watching your blog for a long time now and love how you create such gorgeous rooms that all have their own little individual personality and are well beyond the stereotypically nursery and children’s bedrooms that you typically see.
    My entire house desperately needs some “Nest” love…. However if I had to pick one room it would be Master Izaac’s bedroom. Izaac is nearly 15months old, a happy, smiley, clever, little boy who loves “going on a bear hunt” around our backyard but then loves snuggling down to read in his tee pee (made by his Aunty). His bedroom is my attempt at decorating and styling 🙂 (emphasis on attempt). But as we are only a few months off moving him into his big boy bed I would love to give his room a revamp and take it to the next level. I would love to leave behind the gender neutral nursery and make his room a real boy’s room screaming fun, adventure, excitement and most of all relaxation. I have so many ideas in my head but really need someone to bring them all together and make it work as a whole whilst offering lots of new ideas.
    Fingers crossed with the added excitement of updating my little man’s room hopefully the design/redecorating bug will rub off on the rest of the house and it will get the much needed breath of fresh air it is crying out for 🙂
    Thank you!

    (following on Facebook and your blog)

  51. Hi Belinda,
    I would love a bright funky activity room designed for my son. We have just moved into our new home and that room has been neglected. I would love nothing more than a designers touch to give it the wow factor. I hope to chat with you soon.

    Thanks Rachael

  52. Hi Belinda,

    I would LOVE to win a room design for my youngest son who between his big brother and little sister suffers from middle child syndrome.
    He's 2.5 and has had his cot stolen by his little sister and is currently using his brothers hand me down bed.
    I want to get him his "own" stuff but havent had the time or knowledge to get the look I want.
    He would love a funky, fun big boys room with a splash of color, I'm thinking orange to brighten his day.

  53. Would love your help with my little girl's nursery – she is 5 months old. The room is fairly small. We have charcoal carpet, white cot & change table and a white/birch Scandanavian style chest of drawers and thats about it. Her room has no personality as I am unsure how to put my ideas together. I like a little bit girly but not too childish, whites, pinks, corals, gold, yellows & greys. Nothing to bright or shocking. A little bit eclectic. Your help would be fantastic to finish off my little lady's space.

  54. hi, in a month we will be moving into our very first bought family home and it is original 1970s, yep its beautiful as you can imagine. haha. the house has only 2 bedrooms and so my two daughters aged 4 and 3 will be sharing but my 4 year old knows what she likes (sparkles, sequins, gold, silver)and my 3 year old loves colour, and has a thing for tigers. Its not fitting into 'my' ideas of what to do about their shared room. I already have a new double and single mattress, but don't want bunks. Your expertise and help is very much needed….

  55. Hi there, great idea for a comp.
    I would love a design for my soon to be 2yr old son. A big boy room centred around a black feature chalk board wall with bright geometric shapes & colours would be my idea of heaven. Mid century modern design wouldn't hurt either. But love all designs & schemes you come up with!

  56. Hi! i would love a design for my future nephew. I don´t know how i want his room but i only say that i love it would be a great and a sweet room to make the room his world. thanks!

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