20 weeks…..done! 

I’ve known I was pregnant since I was 4 weeks (after feeling queasy coming home from a girls weekend away and I knew it wasn’t the alcohol and I don’t get car sick) so I wish I had taken photos from the very start.  I guess I was afraid I would jinx the pregnancy.  I had scares at 5 & 6 weeks with lots of bleeding and was quite sure I had miscarried again (even told friends that I had lost another bub).

But things progressed much to our relief.  So at 8 weeks I started taking photos every fortnight to document what will be my last pregnancy.  I don’t think I have this many photos of me pregnant with the boys!  I had ordered a fab gold heart decal to have as a backdrop and contrast to my dress, but it went missing twice in the mail so we gave up!  And yes, I’ve known I was going to do this when I first fell pregnant after Charles (which unfortunately ended up in miscarriage – twice) so I’ve been planning for a while!  It’s nothing terribly original, but I look forward to documenting it as I grow…..and grow.

My OB prefers to send his patients to Melbourne for their scans, so as a special treat Hugh came with us to see the baby (he is so in love with ‘strawberry’ and is going to be very attached to this baby!).  Everything is looking wonderful, baby is the right size (all be it larger than average – but that is no surprise given Hugh was 9pd 15oz and Charles was 10pd 10oz) and we know what we will be having……but keeping it a secret as we did with Charles.

Nest Design Studio - Pregnancy Photos

I started showing very early (as you can see) and pretty much shocked people in the first trimester who asked how far along I was and they couldn’t believe I was only weeks in but in the last few weeks I’ve plateaued, although expect that this time next month I will start to see big gains!  Lucky for me (I guess, in a way) I was quite sick early on and lost about 5kgs with morning sickness so I’m only just 1kg over my starting weight to date!

So now it’s time to start prepping the nursery.  This poor baby has nothing to it’s name apart from the Bounty Bag from hospital, time to start thinking about getting organised!