If there is one trait I would love Hugh & Charles to be known for (they already have gentlemanly names in my opinion), it would have to be being a gentleman….opening doors, pulling out chairs for ladies, wonderful manners etc. etc. etc.!

Until then, I can push them in the right direction and dress them and their rooms in such a manner.


1.  Isn’t this ridiculously cute?  And look at that pug!  A matching hat, vest & pants from Etsy – Fine Handmade clothing

2.  How cute would this be hanging on the wall?  I love it (which is why I saved the image for a DIY in the boys rooms, but have no idea where I found it…do you know?  Please let me know so I can credit).

3.  Get them saving early.  Etsy – The Manic Moose

4.  Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!  My Sweet Prints

5.  Fancy a ‘tash mobile?  This one is from Etsy – Joly On Yates

6.  Straighten up your top hat from Etsy – Mad Man Incognito

7. Rules to live by from Etsy – Dapper Paper

8.  Plush Gentleman Pillow from Etsy – Caroline Dulko

9.  Bow tie & suspenders onesie from Etsy – Peace Love and Kids

10  A gentleman’s moustache print from Etsy – Oh Dear Molly

11.  For the older boys (it’s on my to buy list for Hugh) Jumper from Rock Your Baby

12.  Add some tweed pillows from Etsy – Smokin Tweed

13.  Vintage book print from Etsy – Ex Libris Journals

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