The beginning – You may remember when I mentioned there were changes afoot for Nest? Well they aren’t so much changes for Nest Design, rather changes to OUR nest! Let me give you a hint… lack of blog posts are related (using the computer has made me feel ill), I’m sooooo tired, oh and I have something growing inside me! Yep, I’m pregnant with #2 (there will be 20 months between Hugh & Hansel (yes, that is babies nickname – Matt was sure it was twins and was calling them Hansel & Gretel))!! We are thrilled and I’ve already started putting together ideas for the nursery!
The end – Yesterday, we had a funeral for my mother-in-law. My husbands mum had been ill for a while and passed away last week. We were all there for her when she died and she’s with her husband now.
Last Wednesday was a happy and sad day… see we went to the OB at 1.30pm to get the all clear (I’m 13 weeks and due 12th Feb) but then had to rush off back to the home as it was nearing the end.
So, hopefully things get back to normal soon and I’ll be back on top of things to post regular blogs!


  1. Congratulations on your new little bub – hope you and 'Hansel' are doing ok. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law – sending big hugs to you and your family xx

  2. I am sorry to hear about your MIL Belinda, that is very sad news and would have been a difficult week for you. Congratulations on baby #2. I pray that Hansel grows strong and healthy and doesn't cause you too much discomfort! xx

  3. Oh Belinda!!!!! Congratulations! That is SUCH fantastic news! I'm just catching up on all my fav blogs and I can't believe I'm so behind the times. I'm so excited for you and I hope you're getting through this tough morning sickness stage ok.
    I am so sorry to hear about your Mother in law's passing, you and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers! Big hugs to you hun,

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