When I was putting together my post yesterday, I wasn’t sure of who the correct person to credit an image was. Do I put where I found the image, which was actually via elsewhere and then via elsewhere, or do you put the original source?

What is the correct etiquette?

My other question…..when I save images I love, I save them under where I found them and then via the other source (if applicable). However when I go to share them with you, I haven’t saved the original link back direct to where I found it. So getting to the point…..how do you ‘file’ images you love and want to blog about?

Hmmm, off to ponder some more. Baby brain is KICKING in big time!


  1. Oh, Belinda, I'm so glad you asked that. As a newbie blogger, I'm still grappling with that dilemma. If I find a Google image to use, do I just use the link to the Google page or go back to the source? At the moment I'm using the Google link but I'm not sure that's right. As for saving other people's posts to use their images later, I have started a Word document where I am compiling a list of links to other people's posts. Then I can always go back to that post and not have to trawl through my blogroll. It also means I can see where they sourced the photo originally. I'd love to see if anyone has a better system. J x

  2. I've often wondered about this too – all my older images I have to label as 'source unknown' because back then, I just saved them straight into my inspiration file. Now I try and include the blog name or site name when I save them. I tend to just link to where I found the image/article but I have no idea if this is correct ettiquette or not.

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