This is a design board I finished recently for 4 year old, Jai. Jai’s mum, Bianca contacted me looking for help putting together his big boy room and this is what we got!Based on Jai’s questionnaire, the rooms colour scheme was designed around Jai’s favourite book, The Tickle Monster and incorporated an around the world theme. I also provided Bianca with 2 different colour schemes that would work with items on the design board, but would also incorporate existing linen.
And this is a little of what Bianca said when she received the board: “I LOVE IT, Belinda. Thank you so much. : )

The lovely things you have found got cuter and cuter as I went through the document. I really love that you provided me with two colour options; especially choosing colours and items that work with Jai’s existing bedlinen. I love the first colour combination and will start building that look. I love the fact that both colour schemes use the same items meaning Jai now essentially has two separate looks. Awesome!!!!

I’m so excited … I can go SHOPPING at Ikea (which I love) and can do the rest from desk!”

I was thrilled with Bianca’s response…’s always a little daunting hitting the send button!

Note: Every room I design is designed with 1 client in mind and is just for them! So I have changed a few items on this board so Jai still has his custom room.


  1. It's all fantastic Belinda! Love the colour scheme and the whole moodboard is probably my favourite I've seen for a little boy. No wonder Jai and his Mum are so happy 🙂 Enjoy your weekend x

  2. The two colours schemes is a fantastic idea Bel! And I esp love one of the items on the moodboard in particular 😉 Thank you for recommending me!
    You'll have to ask Bianca to share a photo when it's done as I'm sure we'd all love to see it.
    Happy weekend,

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