I’ve had the pleasure of working with Harrison’s Mum previously (will share Meave’s room shortly) and was thrilled to be asked back to makeover Harrison’s ‘big boy’ room!

Like all my clients, we work together to create a design board that is perfect for their little occupants.

A 3D rendering is then created to show what the room will be like.  My online/e-design clients find this incredibly helpful when it comes to installing everything.

Welcome to Harrison’s Room!

Without a doubt, the wallpaper is the feature of the room and it’s going to be perfect for many years to come as Harrison grows.  We created a room with 3 zones….not easy in a teeny, tiny space!   His sleep zone; finished off with the perfect powder blue canopy (which his family call their dream cave and each night before bed, they cuddle in the cave and tell each other what they want to dream about – is that not the most beautiful thing!).  The work zone; I love the mix of white and timber in this desk and paired with the leather chair and felt bracket shelving, he is going to love spending time drawing here.  Finally; the reading zone.  We’ve added the luxe velvet lounger chair along with a vertical book shelf.

Textures always play a big part in my designs and you can see the use of the various elements really bring the room to life.

Harrison’s parents have done a brilliant job of arranging the installation of the room and I hope his family enjoy the space for many years to come!