Not long to go now! Woooohoooo! I actually got off my hot, fat a** yesterday and started packing bags….the baby has things packed, now I’ve just got to organise me!
I had an appointment with my OB yesterday and no surprises……I’m measuring 42 (YES 42) weeks, no wonder I can’t get comfy in any way.
It was 40 degrees here yesterday and will be again today so I’m sitting in a darkened house with the AC boosted and have mum’s group here this afternoon!
PS – I will post a photo with my face in it soon….whenever I’ve done my hair and makeup, I come home and get changed and forget to take a decent photo!


  1. Ooooo!!!! Not long now! I had Will at 38weeks!
    And I can't believe the little bub is measuring 42week, you must be uncomfortable my dear 🙁
    I hope you can survive this yucky heat.

  2. My gosh – measuring 42 weeks you poor love!! Your bump is so cute though but I can imagine how uncomfortable you must be in the heat. Love your top/dress too by the way 🙂

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