Hugh has a good little friend called Archie and lucky little Archie is getting a new baby in about 4 more weeks (side note: Hugh and Archie’s dads have been friends for a loooong time, so we plan on Hugh and Archie being mates for a long time too and then Charlie is either going to be mates with new baby or if new baby is a girl, we’ll just arrange a marriage! – see told you it was a side note)… Archie is upgrading to a big boys room!

I knew Archie loves to watch his Poppy ride his bike and Archie loves to ride as well, so I decided to throw together a bike themed room. Archie already had the big pieces of furniture and a few other bits and pieces that I incorporated, but I kept everything low cost and a few DIY pieces as well.

I think the room will be perfect for a number of years…..not to babyish and not to grown up!

Now….just need to put together the nursery for #2!