I’m back! As I mentioned, last week I headed off to Sydney to attend Designex (an Interior Design Exhibition). I managed to get a few photos (sorry quality isn’t great….photos are taken on my handbag camera) before they made the announcement that no photos were to be taken…..opps!

Here’s a very excited me about to go in!

Gorgeous scrolls of Porter’s Wallpaper hanging from the ceiling

How amazing are these mosaic tiles from Sici Tiles?!

We heard Jamie Durie talking about Luxescaping (in lieu of Landscaping). He was very interesting to listen to….I wonder if he would come to regional Victoria to do our landscaping???
Hugh came with me as well…..I kept trying to cover his face so he would sleep, but he was desperate to look at everything until he couldn’t keep his little eyes open! Maybe I have a budding little architect on my hands!
There were so many amazing things to see…..I just wish I was able to take more photos! I found some fantastic children’s wallpaper and I’ll post on that in the near future!
And perhaps you are wondering why my blog still isn’t ‘pretty’?! Well I am having MAJOR drama’s with photoshop…..but I’m working on it!

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