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  1. I do! We are moving into a great, cozy attic apartment and I finally have the chance to decorate a nursery for my 5 mo baby girl. I want to stay away from pinks and girlie themes, and do a more colorful, bright and simple – primary colors in different textures & patterns against white walls & furniture. The room is very small with little wall space – there are two doors, taking up two walls, and two large windows on the other two walls, and there is also dark red carpeting that I have to keep in mind. Now that I have painted the walls and moved in the furniture, I think there is too much white! Any ideas on how to incorporate more color and impact without painting again or changing the furniture. I also LOVE the picture you posted of the nursery with blue walls and yellow accents, which would actually fit really well with the design of the rest of the apartment. I didn't see an e-mail to reach you at, so I hope you don't mind me posting here. I can be reached at, thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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