If you’ have been a follower of the blog for a while, you will remember we documented Hugh’s first year HERE.  Now Charles first year is complete, I have finished his first year project as well!

charles 12 months

Ohhh look how my baby has grown!  My favourite 2 expressions are the one that is right in the middle (caught him in the middle of a big chuckle) and the bottom left (playing peekaboo).

Comparing the 2 boys, they are so different.  Both in looks (I think the photo that is closest looking to Hugh is the photo 2nd from the right on the bottom) and personality.  Hugh is a sensitive soul and is always asking if I’m happy, are you ok?, and gets upset a lot…..Charles on the other hand is always happy (well except for ‘bitching hour’ from 4.30 until he is fed!) and smiley…..but they are both gorgeous!

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  1. That is SO gorgeous and such a special treasure that I'm sure you and the boys will look back on forever! I can't wait to meet my new boy and see the similarities and differences as well. They are real little surprise packages aren't they!!
    Give those little chubby cheeks a kiss from me 🙂

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