I still don’t know! I couldn’t do it and make Matt find out when he didn’t want to….however we have the result sitting in a sealed envelope on the kitchen table just waiting to be opened (it may sit there for the rest of the pregnancy un-opened yet!)…..so now I have start planning options for the nursery for boy & girl (and add to that names – urgh!). I have warned Matt this may lead to more spending (if I see something I love for a girls or boys room, I might just have to buy it regardless)!

We also found out that bub isn’t 100% well. It’s only a small issue (Hansel’s kidney isn’t filtering urine properly) but we’ll have another scan in 10 weeks to see if it’s fixed itself. Hopefully it should all be ok by then but if it’s born with the problem, it may lead to UTI’s frequently. I know there are certainly worse things you could be told, but still was a little sad about not getting the absolute all clear.