I thought I’d share a little bit of info about me in this post. Why haven’t I got a picture up yet? Well I don’t have a recent one I like! I’m to busy taking far to many photos of Hugh that I never think to take one of us together! It’s another thing on my to do list. But in the mean time here’s an older one…..

Yes, we are dressed up as bees. Actually I’m a Queen Bee and Hugh & my husband were my worker bees for my cousins 21st ‘Sugar & Spice’ dress up party!

Anyway back to me….useless facts!
I used to be a marching girl, loved every minute of it, did it for 14 years and was part of a team that were Australian Champions a few times.
I used to do Ballroom & Latin American dancing (until I fell pregnant), again loved it. I am in love with sequins, anything shiny has instant attraction. I also used to teach beginners and teenagers and had a ball. Actually I’m going to try and start back at it again next week.
I recently started ballet lessons….and ballet is not for me. I gave it a go though.
I never thought I would love being a mum so much. I’ve never been very clucky and thought of myself as the career girl. Headed to Melbourne for work after doing my Diploma of Arts and thought I would stay there. Instead, I met a boy from country Victoria and ended up back in my home town. Up until then, babies were not on my radar! Needless to say, we are hoping to add to the family sooner rather than later!
I love shopping. Enough said.
And finally, my love of my career! Ive been interested in decorating since I was 15, originally I was going to study architecture but went on a little tangent. I worked in Melbourne for 5 years with one of the big builders there and then came home to set up my own design business. New home constructions have been my biggest jobs but since having Hugh, my focus is Baby & Children’s rooms.
Well enough of my dribble, my baby boy is waking!