Can I believe it? NO. My little boy who brings so much love, joy & happiness to our lives is 1. We have just finished having a cuddle at his official birth time (9.07am) and I even got a bit teary!

To my darling baby boy,
It’s been 1 year since your hungry little self burst into our world. You have driven me completely mad with your desperate cries for food ever since 9.08am Tuesday 23rd June, 2009! You are mad about food, you squeal, kick, cry until you get your first bottle in the morning and then you do the same from 5pm until you get your tea at 5.30pm!
Did you know that we have had trouble getting hats that fit you ever since you arrived? You have a huge head! In fact, whilst your body has always been in the 75%, your head has always been about 110%! Our maternal health nurse thinks you will grow into it in a few years! Granny knitted you a cute little beanie to wear on the way home from the hospital, but it didn’t fit. We put it on anyway and took a photo, because it looked hilarious!

It’s not the only time I’ve done something to you because it looked funny! I’m sorry baby, but mummy dresses you in some funny looking things just for laughs!

You have just started giving sloppy, gross, delicious kisses…..mostly when you are in the bath. You think it’s hilarious to give a big fat kiss and then to splash down into the water. But you also like to give kisses when we go swimming and to the supermarket. My heart sings and it makes my day when you give me a kiss.
You have an unhealthy obsession with doors. I never have to worry about where you are because you will be in Mummy & Daddy’s room opening and closing the door. Very cheap toy that keeps you entertained for at least 7 minutes.
You also love books…..and you have wayyyyy to many. But you would rather read a book than play with your hundreds of toys.
Mummy & Daddy are worried that you have spoilt us though. When your brothers/sisters come along, we are a little scared we aren’t going to get one as good a sleeper or so damn cute as you are!
Thankyou for making our hearts complete and being the start to our family.
Love you Hughbie.
Mummy & Daddy

I know my blog posts have been very sparse lately, but there change afoot for Nest, so the blog has taken a bit of a back seat! I can’t tell you what they are yet, but I will soon!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday gorgeous Hugh! You are so beautiful and so lucky to have a clever and talented mummy who loves you sooo much!
    Have a wonderful day and your, almost exactly 2mth older friend William sends you a 'birthday high 5'

    p.s. can't wait to find out the new goss on Nest! Exciting!

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous little boy!! So glad I found your blog. I have two girls 18mths and 4yrs so I am constantly looking for great ideas for their bedrooms and as decorations for parties etc. Your blog is beautiful. I'm your newest follower! Look forward to your next post.

  3. A very happy birthday to your gorgeous boy! And shh, don't tell anyone, but my son had a rather large noggin when he was little, but at 16 fits it very well, so no need to worry! I found your blog via the lovely Janette, and I'm enjoying reading back through your posts. I'll be popping in often I think! K xx

  4. Lovely post! My little baby boy turned one on Friday and I can totally relate to the snot and slobber kisses – disgusting but I ALWAYS go back for more! Love your blog.

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

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