I recently completed this design for 2 year old Indy.  Indy’s mum already had a few lovely pieces to work around (including the Ubabub Peacock print), so inspired by this, I used a lovely palette of blue, red, light pink & hot pink.

Holman Toddler

Often, it is little details that really make a room and this room has them!  Indy already has a pine wardrobe, dresser and bedside table, so I suggested we paint them white (which Indy’s mum had already started doing), change up the knobs to the gorgeous vintage crystal knobs (No. 9) and then…..paint the inside of the cupboard HOT PINK!  I know, totally not a necessary thing to do but how gorgeous will it look when the doors are open!

I’ve become quite an expert in boys rooms and gender neutral nurseries, so working on one of my few girls rooms was a real treat and I this is my favourite to date. 

What did Indy & her mum, Jenna, think about the board you ask?  Well, I think they are pretty happy with it….’love’ was mentioned quite a few times (and once in capitals) and about 3 days after receiving the design board and furniture layout, Jenna has already ordered everything, changed the room around and organised for the room to be painted!

And how does that make me feel?  FABULOUS!  I just love, that they love it so much!


Don’t forget if you would like a room designed for you little one, send me an email!

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