As I mentioned here, one of my best friends is having a baby (yay!) and because I know her and her husband so well, my brain wasn’t going to rest on creating a perfect nursery for them until I had it on a design board (and because I’m sticking my nose in and just doing it rather than asking!), so I used them as inspiration for this board.

Already having purchased the cot and wanting to keep it a gender neutral nursery, I knew that it needed to be chic, elegant and textural.  Horses also needed to come into it because mum to be loves horses and I also wanted to incorporate something special for the dad to be…..this comes in the form of sheet music from their wedding dance (dad plays in a band) framed as a piece of art.

I added some gold for some sparkle and I think it’s a really appropriate room for both a boy or a girl.

Design Board

What do you think?  I am particularly fond of white and texture for nurseries at the moment and wouldn’t mind it myself!


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