Hugh’s party is this weekend, so I’ve been been doing all the little bits & pieces and thought I would share some with you.

I’ve made 2 table runners out of spotty fabric….one for the sweet table & the other for the savory. 10 points to those of you who spotted the wine glass in the corner (I haven’t sewn for years… was needed!).

This ugly little Gnome has had a makeover (no, it’s not the one that made the news last week for being kidnapped).
Prepping for bunting…..hopefully it’s not raining because I’ve planned for these to go outside along our fence.And the finished product!

Now I just have to make the cake (urgh baking is not my bag baby) and a couple of other little things before I clean the house tomorrow! I’ve left hubby in charge of 2 things….drinks & putting together a slide show of Hugh’s photos to have going in the background….we’ll just wait and see if he leaves it all until Saturday morning!