There I was….sitting up in the wee hours of this morning feeding Charlie and thinking of things I’d like to cover on my blog and I realised I never told you the exciting news I saw on Design Dazzle (well I was THRILLED to say the least)!
Hugh’s room was amongst the top 8 most viewed nursery’s last year…..can I get a wooohooo?!
You can see the top 8 rooms here.
See I told you it was so old, it was mouldy!

Happy Monday!


  1. An oldy but a goldy [even if it's a little mouldy!].

    I've just had a peek at all the nurseries and although there are some really well designed rooms there I would pick Hugh's room over and over for it's calm, stylish tone.

    Definitely the best of a high class bunch.


    xx Felicity

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