Waaay back in October, I shared with you the photographs of the boys room.  Now, 3 months later I’m finally sitting down to provide you with all the details. 

Now, normally I don’t share product sources from my clients rooms but I am happy to do so with my own rooms.  So take a seat, and make some notes!

Nest Design Studio - H & C9

1.  The graphic element of the room is the MUR wall triangles in large.  They are simple to install and peel of very easy as well, so for someone as fickle as me who likes change, they are perfect.  2.  I had lots of questions about the beds.  The base and mattresses are from Snooze.  I can’t remember the name of them but after initially wanting just a bed on legs, we ended up going for these because Hugh’s has drawers under his for extra storage and Charles’ has a trundle.  3.  These have been such a hit with everyone wanting to know where they are from.  You can find them at The Knit Studio in lots of colours.

Nest Design Studio - H & C39

1.  The gorgeous Levi bedhead in Nero by Peonie Home.  Fabulous quality and service.  My go to bedhead people.  2.  Linen is always the hardest thing to find.  I didn’t want to pay a fortune and I didn’t want anything that was overly patterned (I know it looks white in this photo but it has grey basket weave over it).  I went for the Target Coleman doona cover and used the underside.  The top side is fine and works in the room, but I went for simple on this occasion.  I also use a simple grey t-shirt material doona cover and when it’s hot, just sheets and their blankets.  3.  The euro cushion cover is from Designers Choice.  4.  My Mum knitted the boys cushion covers.

Nest Design Studio - H & C20

1.  I love this chair (I also have an adult size one in our living room).  They are very comfy!  It’s the Acapulco Jnr from Sokol.  2.  Initially I was unsure of what option to go with for bedsides.  These are really popular and they are great for storage, but as I have said before I think it’s important as a designer to show my clients lots of options rather than what most people are asking for, so I did want something different.  In the end, practicality won out and these ones are from Mocka.  3.  I REALLY wanted to use timber lamps in the room to add some texture to the room, but buying 2 would have put them waaaay out of budget.  Instead I used these really simple lamps from Kmart.

Nest Design Studio - H & C47

1.  I just love this print and has lots of important reminders for my future gentlemen!  2.  You may recognise this print from Charles Nursery (from my lovely friend Janette at My Sweet Prints).  Since it fitted in perfectly, I just moved it into this room.  3.  What room is complete without an animal bust?  The rhino is from here.  4. This is a custom print I made for the boys rooms.  They love this tractor (a Chamberlin 9G) which lives at our farm but I photographed it and then played around in photoshop.  5.  Another important reminder for the boys, this is a printable from here.

Nest Design Studio - H & C51

1.  Hugh’s bed needed something above it and originally I had a large scale print to go above it but it was just too much between the book ledges and the graphic wall.  So I ended up going with a simple felt ball garland from Felt Foxes.

Nest Design Studio - H & C30

1.  I found this bin at the Reject Shop one day and thought I would be perfect for the boys dirty laundry.  A bargain at $15.  2.  To incorporate some more of the boys loves, tractors, I placed these decals where they are easily seen but not a huge feature of the room.  3.  Books are important to me, I love reading.  So to keep books accessible to the boys (the top shelf is for the special books I don’t want the boys getting into without adults), I used the Ikea Ribba ledges.  4.  Another DIY, I initially made it to hang above Hugh’s bed but it wasn’t quite right so I moved it to hang on the wardrobe.

Nest Design Studio - H & C28

1.  These are versatile little Lego boxes!  We use ours for a door stop and a little step for Charlie to get on his bed…..and it’s only recently been used to store things.  2.  One of the tractors from the decal set.

Nest Design Studio - H & C41

1.  A very last minute addition to the room, I was about to start photographing and realised the room needed something!  I rushed into Milt & Joe and got one of these bad boys from Down to the Woods.  They are fab.  2.  The boys have a few hats and once again, going for the tractor/truck theme, I installed this blue hanger.

Nest Design Studio - H & C42

1.  The timber floating shelves are from The Shelving Shop.  Note to self:  Do not allow husband to start putting them up until you are supervising.  2.  We have since lost of the heads of these robots, so they have gone up on a higher shelf!  I purchased these from Lark but don’t seem to be available any more (so can buy here).  3.  I found this unpainted little guy at a tractor rally (yes, a steam tractor rally – I live a wild life).  So he got a DIY makeover.

Nest Design Studio - H & C43

1.  I had this print done in custom colours and it’s all about Charles.

Nest Design Studio - H & C45

1.  I love everything that Sketch Inc does, so had to include one of these gentlemen!

Nest Design Studio - H & C31

1.  Another DIY….this was the project I had originally planned for above Hugh’s bed (but in big scale and framed).  I’m kind of glad it didn’t work out because I love it in banner form and it hangs on their wardrobe.  It’s a song we love to dance about and be silly with.

Nest Design Studio - H & C7

1.  Not hugely exciting, but I know someone will ask.  The drawers I have in the boys room are from Ikea.  2.  I used left over triangles and did their initial in paper cut font.  3.  These little soldiers were in Charlies Nursery and are from Ministyle.

And that’s it!  I hope you’ve found some products you love or inspired you with your own creation.  As much as I love the room, I feel like it’s nearly time to change the feature wall……so watch this space!

Nest Design Studio - H & C13