Sooooo not nursery or design related today!
I’m sure my friends are sick of me talking about it (granted, she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea)…..however I’m going to rave about it here! On Tuesday night,we travelled to Melbourne to see the divine Miss M (I know I have a lot of US readers, so for you google Kylie Minogue). In the words of FF, I luff it. 11/10! I have loved her since this (my first ever tape):

How to describe the concert in one word? Spectacular. Really it was a visual feast! There was just so much to look at: dancers, aerialists, singing, oh and water (I’m talking huge water fountains all through the set!). And we were only about 150 meters from the stage!

The girl donned a ‘toddlers & tiaras‘ hair piece below. How many 40 odd year old can pull off a pair of shorts like that?!
She even ‘rode’ an angel!

She was wearing some gorgeous shoes!The amazing finale…..see – water!

It was my favourite concert ever (my disclaimer is I really haven’t been to many concerts – Girlfriend (does anyone actually remember them?), 3 Kylie concerts and a Tom Jones & John Farnham one) but I do wish she had of done some more of the old stuff!