Hiring an interior designer is expensive right?  They have super dooper expensive taste and have un-realistic ideas on how to create beautiful rooms, right?

WRONG!  One of the things that many potential clients assume is that I (or any other designer) am going to specify ridiculously priced items to create the room.  And I can absolutely tell you that, I wont!

I am just like every other mum and we are just like every other family.  We essentially have my husbands wage and whatever I bring in with doing my designs.  My husband is just like your husband or partner who can not believe I need decorative cushions or ‘nick nacks’.  So when it comes to decorating my house, I do so on a budget (or whatever I can sneak in!).

I have 2 little boys, there is no way I would specify a $100 cushion for their room….because they are boys and I know what they are like!  In fact, I wouldn’t specify a $100 cushion for my lounge room…because I have 2 boys and a messy husband!

Whenever I see a comment like ‘”I created this nursery on a budget’”, I sort of hmpffff.  I think most people want to create a beautiful space, spending as little as possible. 

When I created Charles’ nursery, it cost approx. $700 (including the cot, but excluding the chair which we already had and the little table and chair as they were his birthday present).


Hugh’s nursery was even less than that, as most of it was DIY.


Let me give you a few examples of my clients designs! 

This is Tate’s nursery.   His cushions were between $30-$40 each, the prints range from $16-$40 and the mobile is $60.  The floor lamp is the biggest expense of approx. $250.  It might be a little more than some people want to pay, but it gives you good inspiration for the style that will work in the room.

nestdesignstudio tate

This is Ruby’s nursery.  Ruby’s mini chair was $195, the decal $80, prints between $9 and $25, butterfly basket $50 and the splurge item on this is the adorable mushroom lamp which was $150. 

nestdesignstudio ruby

When it comes to designing a room for a client, I really do try and keep most of the items really achievable and there are fabulous websites like Etsy and Down that little lane that you can find individual and unique products for not much at all.  I also think that it is usually worth doing a little splurge on 1 item in a design, particularly if its an item that is going to last for a long time and become something special for your child.

Don’t get me wrong, I can spend like the best of them (and I will if you want me too!) but I know that it’s an assumption if you hire an interior designer/decorator, that they are going to scare you with the prices of products.

So don’t be scared!  I know ALL the best places to shop for beautiful products for your little ones room!