Some things just need to be said and I’m going to name and shame the most difficult client I have ever had (yes, the shock and horror!).

I’ve been working with this client for a few weeks now to create a nursery for her 3rd child….in fact she thinks she is a bit of a VIP client  The gender is unknown at this stage and she can tell me what she doesn’t want (colour) but apart from that, she can’t give me much AT ALL.  She is very indecisive and is putting every decision in my hands (which is ok).  She has an awesome chair on the way and recently sold her other cots so I can pick whatever I want (and I think the Incy Reese is going to win).  But she is just plain difficult.

This is what I have so far (I know, full of ideas).

Nest Design Start

So who is it?  Well you actually know her.

Nest Design Studio - Baby 12

That’s right, ME!!!!!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’ve had a number of miscarriages and this baby which is my 6th pregnancy, took its sweet time deciding to join our family (along with a few scares at the start of its journey).  So we are thrilled that we have finally gotten to this stage.  Baby #3 is due in September and it is making me work for it.

Morning sickness has been horrible and being in front of the computer made me feel worse (so handy when you run a mostly online business!).  I still can’t keep a thing down and have lost 5kgs (which is normal for me in the first trimester) but what you probably can’t tell from the above photo, is that my belly is huge.  I haven’t bothered keeping it under wraps because there are just some things that can not be disguised!  I recently completed a new home build colour selection and my clients asked me how far along I was, which at that stage was 11 weeks, and were quite shocked to hear I am a long while off having this baby!

So what does this mean for Nest?  Well I’m currently booked out until July and will only accept 1, maybe 2 more jobs for 2014 before I wrap up in August.  I have always returned to work between 4-6 weeks after having my boys but this time (given it’s our last baby) I’m going to take the time to enjoy, snuggle and just take it easy.  I want to suck up all the baby time!  I plan on returning in Jan/Feb of 2015.  But in that period where I won’t be taking any clients (well, I might if I get bored) I have lined up 2 fabulous ladies in the industry who’s designs I appreciate and respect, to be my points of referral.  Jacinda from Hide & Sleep and Nicole from Little Liberty.

Now this mumma to be is exhausted and wants to throw up all the time, the house is filthy, I’m busier with designs than I’ve ever been……so I think I might go have a lie down.

Oh and about the nursery…..I’m serious.  I have no idea what I’m going to do.  I know it will be different in style to the boys nurseries (here and here) but apart from that… brain is at capacity with everything else that I think the nursery might have to wait until August!

**I’m doing a monthly photo out at our farm to capture the seasons changing and a growing belly, which is why I used the above photo.  I had planned on a nice family photo with the boys, but honestly… was like hearding cats, so we gave up.**