australia day

It is Australia Day here tomorrow (26th January) and that means a public holiday, so I thought I would pop this up a day early. 

So for my overseas readers, that does mean that we will go off for a day trip on our pet Kangaroos (probably to the beach) whilst we ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’ and crack open a Fosters beer.  No, really it probably will entail a swim at the local pool and a barbeque of lamb and sausages.

We are lucky to have a range of stunning furniture, linen and art work (just to name a few), so I thought I would share 5 of my all time favourite Australian stores and designs (although I do still have a few more up my sleeve!).

australia day1

Incy Interiors

I just adore the Oscar bed (shown above)….currently on the top of ‘big boys bed’ list for Hugh!  Incy Interiors have beds, cots, chairs and also some pretty fabulous prints (you must check out the train blue print)!australia day2

 My Sweet Prints

You should know how much I love Janette’s work by now!  I have 4 of her prints in our house myself and I’m sure you have seen her Bed Time Scroll featured in many, many nurseries.australia day3

Habitat Baby

If you are after linen for kids that is beautiful and just that little bit different, you need to check out Habitat Baby.  I love the colour combinations used.

australia day4


Much coveted in the US (at the moment, they aren’t sold there), we are lucky enough to be able to have these babies all to ourselves!  Using a combination of timber and acrylic, the cots are oh so funky.  Ubabub also have some cute prints to check out.australia day5

Kate Lauren Designs

Julie is one clever cookie (or biscuit as we say in Oz).  Kate Lauren Designs have a range of lovely linen, bunting and you have to take a look at the fabric lanterns she makes!  My fav is her Zachary Hunter Collection.


So tell me, do you have a favourite Australian design or decorator piece?