With the launch of my website next Thursday, I will start to offer a new service; on site design.  But where exactly do I live to offer these services to you? 

I know many of you assume that it is a capital city, most think Melbourne or Sydney (I know, I asked you on facebook)….but you are wrong.  I actually live in a regional town.  A town called Bendigo in Victoria. 


Bendigo is a gorgeous town (or you can call it a regional city) and is known for the gold rush, trams and beautiful heritage architecture.  The population is over 100,000 people, so it’s not tiny but it’s also not a capital city.  We certainly lack decent shops (hence my ability to shop online!) although do have a few gems.

bendigo photos

So why have I never really talked about where I live before, surely it’s no big deal right?  When I decided that I wouldn’t talk about my location, I did so knowing that I would be able to create an Australian (and maybe International) brand.  You would get to see my style, see that I know what I’m talking about and I can create beautiful designs.  I didn’t want you to assume that I was a ‘country hick’ that barely knew where to shop in Melbourne (for example).  But now it’s been 3 years since I first started my blog and I built that up and got Nests name out there and then I started doing a job here and there for a few clients and now, you love my work, so I’m really busy!

We (my husband and I) did live in Melbourne before we got married.  We started living in Caroline Springs and then moved to beautiful Williamstown (on the Strand – I KNOW, it was amazing seeing the huge boats go past our lounge room all the time!) and finally into an apartment in the Docklands (again – I KNOW – it was unreal).  So I’ve done Melbourne, I’m not all country (actually I’m not really country at all)!  My family is from Bendigo, I grew up in Bendigo and we built a beautiful house in the suburb I grew up in and live 5 minutes from my mum and dad.  My husbands family is from near Bendigo, so we decided to move back and raise children in a smaller town.  We have the ability to head to Melbourne for the day if we want (and I do so regularly!) but we also have the ability to spend the day out at our farm (which is about 45 minutes from Bendigo)…..so we are giving our children the best of both worlds!

So now, I’m sure you understand my passion for being able to do online consults and designs for clients?  Just because you aren’t a city person doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful rooms.  Now you know just how I know so much about online shopping! 

Fellow Bendigonians, spread the word!  Nest is now available for on site consultations.  Not in Bendigo but still want to have me visit your house?  Can do.  I am able to do consults in Ballarat, Geelong & Melbourne as well (visit my website from next Thursday to see packages).

So what do you think?  Want to come visit our little town?