On Friday, I fell in love. Hard, big time. The kind that gets you so excited.
I’m sure you’ve seen it before…..the sneak peak of the Bugaboo Donkey. How did they know what I was looking for in a double pram? 4 wheels, check. Bassinet option, check. Baby face in or out, check. 1 or 2 babies, check. But most of all, stylish, check.

Prams stress me out. I can’t tell you how much sleep I lost when I was looking, looking, researching and then looking some more for Hugh’s pram (by the way – I picked the Love N Care Adiva….which I love but I have to give up as it doesn’t come with a toddler seat). I would wake up at midnight, jump on the net and hope the perfect pram would rear it’s head. I also did the same for my carrier (let me rave about how much I love My Blessed Baby Mei Tai). They really did my head in.

So now, I’m on the lookout for a double pram. I don’t like 3 wheelers, don’t like one’s that have the extra seat underneath and don’t like the side by side umbrella style ones (I like to have baby facing me)…..so what does that leave me with? NOTHING….until Friday that was. I knew it would be touch and go with release dates (due out in Spring 2011 in the US), but thought I could make do until then. That’s when my heart was broken…..the perfect pram……..not available in Australia until January 2012!!! Are you kidding me?

So it’s back to the drawing board for me. Think I’ll have to go for a Strider Plus (at least the top seat can face me), but it does have the extra seat underneath and I really don’t like the colours it’s available in.

Any recommendations?