I’ve been pondering over this blog post for quite a while….post it/don’t post it….but I’m going to!  When you hire Nest, I want you to know you are hiring someone in the know!

I first started Nest Design Studio a bit over 3 years ago.  My eldest sons, Hugh, nursery had been featured in LittleONE baby magazine and had received such wonderful feedback.  I knew how much I struggled to find beautiful, non-cheesy items for his nursery and thought it would be wonderful to assist other Mum and Dad’s put together a space for the most important person in their life!  As my demand grew for my services (and my own sons grew as well) I have added big kids rooms to the repertoire.

But what I really want to you know, is a bit about my background.  I have known since I was 15 years old, interior design was the business for me.  Originally I wanted to be an architect, but after doing a week work experience with a local designer, I changed my mind.  So my VCE years were spent doing the arty subjects (which was my natural calling anyway) to build a portfolio so I could obtain a place studying Interior Design and Decorating.  My course was 2 years and I loved every minute of it and one of my final design pieces was selected to be displayed and entered into a student competition at the amazing Designex exhibition

I’ve always been a little shy, so putting myself out there has been a bit scary and not something I would naturally do.  So when I started applying for jobs after I finished my Diploma of Arts, I did so with hesitation.  I worked in a variety of aspects of the industry; colour consultant for a tile business, doing colours for one of the big builders in Melbourne and then back in Bendigo and finally working for myself doing local consultations.

So as you can see, this business is not something I breezed into.  It’s not something I started on a whim because I had fun decorating my own children’s rooms.  And it’s not something I decided to do after not being able to find the right job for me.  It’s something I studied, something I love and something I’m good at (if I do say so myself!). 

I know there are amazing big Interior Designers (I adore Greg Natale and Arent & Pyke the most) and I’m just a little fish in the big ocean.  I also know being an interior designer is a luxury, it’s not an area where most people think to spend their money first (most do so after having a go themselves, not being happy with the result and then deciding to call in the big guns).

When I first started Nest Design Studio, there were just 2 others who were doing online consults in the kids interior design business.  Neither are still around.  So you could say, I’m a keeper!  Now, there are heaps of choices.  Recently, it felt like there was one being launched every 2 weeks….dare I say it it’s a bit inundated now.  I feel like when I initially launched the business I had to work really hard to explain how I could help you, where as now most people are happy with the online side of consulting and feel it works well for them (and I don’t get the questions ‘but how can you design a room you have never seen’).  I’ve done lots of work, lots of promotion and have established my beautiful space in the world. 

So by me writing this blog post, I wanted to educate you on what I bring to the table.  I bring qualifications, experience and knowledge.  I’m not saying that I am the ‘be all and end all’ but I wanted to show you that this is a industry I love and have loved for 15 years! 

I’m a mum of 2 handsome little boys, plus I’m a qualified Interior Designer….BAM!  Hiring Nest to design a room for you, you get the best of both worlds! 


  1. As well as all that you now have repeat business so that says an awful lot about your ability to meet the clients needs and their satisfaction.

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